Optical Tee

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We recently read something on the internet suggesting that the bicycle industry is a giant evil entity bent on peddling lies and propaganda about the so-called “fun” of riding bicycles and about how modern bicycles are no better than the ones from “back in the day.”

Well, you caught us. And since the cat is officially out of the bag, we feel obliged to reveal our secret Industry Devised Insider Optical Technology™ or IDIOT, for short. All of the companies use it. Stare at the graphic on the T-shirt for a total of .74 seconds and you will start to believe that riding bicycles is really fun, and that new bikes are pretty cool—even if you don’t like the color. This technology is so powerful that 98 percent of the time the results are permanent after just one viewing.

In this limited time offer, you too can use this trademarked secret technology to trick your buddies into getting off of the internet and back in the saddle.