SRAM Dog Leash

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In a perfect world, dog leashes — or, if you prefer the international style of English, ‘leads’ — would not need to exist. Your dog, like ours, is perfectly well behaved, has good breath, and always wipes his or her paws before jumping up on furniture or light-colored merino wool sweaters. Unfortunately, there are people in this world who do not recognize a perfect dog when they see one.


Leashes, therefore, must exist. And the style you choose says a lot.


The SRAM leash goes well beyond function, and tells the world that your dog appreciates the power of bicycles just like you do.


Lovingly created for SRAM dogs by our friends at Cycle Dog, this collar owes a healthy portion of its construction to retired inner tubes and features a handy bottle opener that also serves well as a poop-baggie holder for, you know, if your dog hasn’t quite completed toilet training yet.

 Dimensions: 72" x 1.25"