SRAM Fern Trucker

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Looking for the perfect gift for that special someone in your life? Or a riding partner? Or yourself? Look no further, because this just might be the perfect hat — good for every occasion.


Podium? Check. Pay no attention to the silly “hats not caps” thing.

Après bike? Check. No explanation necessary.

Good for Dad? Check. All he has to do is bend the brim and wear it high on the back of his head.

Good for Mom? Check. And hopefully she will wear it with more style than Dad does.

Good for a black-tie event? Check. You will, however, need to find some appropriate shoes to tie it all together.

Yard work? Of course. And when you take it off every once in a while to scratch your forehead, you’ll be reminded of all the rides yet to come.

Poker game? Affirmative. And it will distract your opponents from your errant tells.

Fishing? Silly question. Every hat is good for fishing.

Halloween costume? Yes. You can be one of the ferns from “Between Two Ferns.”

This is NOT going to fit your infant or toddler, but otherwise it is one size fits most.