Zipp Women's Bibs

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 Henry Ford once famously said, “ A customer can have a car painted in any color he wants as long as it’s black.”


Once upon a time, you could get any kind of cycling clothing you wanted as long as it was solid in color and made of wool. Of course there might be letters sewn onto your clothing, but each main panel of a jersey or pair of shorts would be a solid color. And wool. Chamois pads came in one of two varieties: natural ones that were generally fairly lumpy and actual pieces of raw meat.


Fast forward to the 1970s, and an industrious young son of a son of a ballet clothing maker decided that this new(ish), stretchy polyester and nylon fabric would make for some outstanding bicycle clothing. Fast forward again a bit to when synthetic chamois pads became a thing, and further to when they began to incorporate intelligent anatomical design. Combine that with the process of fabric sublimation, which was developed around 1929-1930, and you have clothing that is well fitting, functional, comfortable, good looking—and which can have logos dyed right into the material.


While we now have more choices than simple solid black shorts with ill-fitting chamois pads, the decision is not always straightforward—and it’s not always all that easy to cut through the hype. We’re here to help.


Do you want to go fast? Silly question. Of course you do. If you did not, you wouldn’t know of the brand Zipp and its history of speed. This is clothing that is meant to go fast.


Do you want to go fast, but just not right this minute? Sure, everyone needs to slow down and take in the scenery once in a while. Lucky for you, this is some clothing that looks fast and will help you feel fast even when you’re parked at your local coffee establishment enjoying a freshly pulled sip of espresso.


Had Henry Ford ever worked at Zipp, he might well have said, “A customer can have any type of Zipp product she wants as long as it’s fast.”



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