Zipp BOCO Running Trucker

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So, there you were, minding your own business, head covered with a standard baseball hat or a fedora or a cowboy hat, when someone shows up hollering about some spectacle happening just down the street. You’d like to run and see it, but you’re not really wearing the right kind of headwear. You employ the proper sort of saunter that befits your hat style, but when you arrive at the scene, you find that you are too late to be a witness.


If, on the other hand, you’d been wearing the Zipp running-specific trucker hat, you would have been able to dash down the street like Usain Bolt to the scene of the spectacle. Boom.


Not only is this the perfect headwear to sport when you’re training for your next assault on the Ironman Triathlon, but you will never find yourself constrained to walking when you really want to run.


This hat not only has style for miles [or kilometers if you are truly enlightened] but it is packed full of function for the true athlete.