Zipp Speed Socks

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Speed. It’s all in the name. Zipp Speed Socks.


These socks are pretty much guaranteed to make you faster. That’s a bold claim, we know. But consider this: Socks are twins that typically do not get along. One of them runs away, is abducted by the sock goblin or aliens, or maybe just finds the most inopportune time to hide under your bed, at the bottom of your gear bag or laundry basket. Worse yet is when your sibling or significant other wears one of them — mismatched — with something of their own. Why???


We honestly can’t help you with the sibling or significant other thing, but we can help with the missing sock thing. How? Easy. These Zipp Speed socks are packed with Newness Technology™. You know that amazing feeling you get when you put a brand-new pair of Zipp wheels on your bike? That feeling of speed just waiting to be unleashed? It’s kind of the same with your Zipp Speed socks. Sure, there’s a lot more technology at play in your Zipp wheels, but the newness factor should also not be diminished.


Also: When was the last time you lost one of your Zipp wheels, only to find it, months or years later, hiding behind your washing machine? Hasn’t happened has it? Probably not going to happen with your new Zipp Speed socks either.


So how can we guarantee that these socks will make you faster? Think of all that time you’ve spent looking for a matching pair of cycling socks. Just think if you had all of that lost time to add to your rides?


Pull on a fresh new pair of these babies and feel the speed.



Small/ Medium - Women 6-10.5, Men 4.5-9.0

Large / X-Large - Women 11.0-  , Men 9.5-14