Camo Pocket tee

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According to legend, Sir Stirling Moss, the famous, British, Formula One racing driver of the 1950s, had all of his shirt pockets monogrammed with the phrase "you are beautiful" in Mandarin Chinese characters. Apparently, the four-time F1 World Championship runner-up had designs on attracting females with this bilingual approach. Unfortunately for Sir Stirling, few female race fans of the day could read Mandarin, so he was forced to dumb down his pocket embroidery. 

We've taken a decidedly different strategy with the RockShox Camo pocket tee. Its gray (or grey, depending on what form of English you speak) body says, "I'm here, but I probably won't tell you I'm here." And the camo pocket ensures that you can safely stow cash, credit cards, a phone and anything else small enough to fit in a shirt pocket, with absolutely zero-percent chance of that stuff being visually detected by deer, bears, moose, or pretty much any other four-legged critter with a penchant for pick-pocketing.