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First and foremost, we need to establish the fact that these RockShox logo socks are made of wool — as in the natural fiber that's taken from domestic sheep. How’s that saying go? Millions of sheep can’t be wrong?


Being sticklers for the small details [or in this case a big one], we’d like to point out that the number of domestic sheep roaming planet earth in some capacity or another is actually about a billion. And if you’re wondering, “so what?” we’d like to point out that the difference between a million and a billion is like the difference between 11 days and 33 years. Which is kind of a big difference. And a lot of sheep.


When you number in the billions, you’re kind of a big deal. Like, when was the last time you saw a sheep and wondered if it was a pig, or a snake or a fish or something? That never happens.


The RockShox logo is much the same — you never look at it and wonder if it’s a tire brand or a kind of amplifier that’s popular in Norwegian Death Metal. There are people who just love to pronounce it wrong [the X makes an X sound, people, not a CK sound], but even the old geezer who yells at you to “get the hell off my property,” when you’re actually nowhere near his property, knows the RockShox logo. Because it is just that cool.


What more can be said? Wool socks, RockShox logo. Get some on your feet. Billions of sheep can’t be wrong.


Small/ Medium - Women 6-10, Men 5.0-9.0

Large/ XLarge - Women 10.5- , Men 9.0-13