RockShox Men's Replay Jersey

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Have you ever found yourself standing there at a trailhead or in a lift line, and noticed that no one can look you in the eyes? You’re all like, “I’m up here.” You try your best to avert their stares downward, you try to politely—albeit forcefully—re-engage them with your eyes/face, in the hopes that the conversation might migrate from the purely reptilian toward a respectfully more human quality.


It’s hard, we get it—they just can’t help themselves from staring longingly, wishfully at the sexy black stanchions of your RockShox fork. Or maybe it’s the Sid blue, Pike silver or Lyrik and BoXXer red that utterly entrances them. It’s hard to fault that, really.


Truth be told, this here RockShox Replay jersey is likely not going to avert those lustful gazers’ eyes all the way back to yours, but at least they’ll more apt to stare you straight in the chest than simply down at your fork legs.


Constructed with PureAwesomeness™, and with a RockShox logo treatment that is #freshandtimeless, the Replay jersey gives you the power to switch the subject back to riding and away from your (fork) legs.