SRAM Dog Collar

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Whether your best furry buddy drops in behind you on your favorite section of singletrack, watches as you sweat your way to fitness during your favorite indoor trainer workout, or simply waits patiently at the front door for you to come back from an all-day road adventure, he or she will look better and happier wearing a SRAM dog collar. And since it’s total scientific fact that the world’s coolest dogs dig the color red, we’ve made this cool-dog-approved accessory in, yes, red.

Lovingly created for SRAM dogs by our friends at Cycle Dog, this collar owes a healthy portion of its construction to retired inner tubes, features a handy bottle opener and a miniature airline-style buckle to ensure that your four-legged pal’s collar remains closed.

Size Medium 12″-21″ (30cm-53cm).  Normally fits dogs 30lbs-75lbs (13.5kg-34kg)

Size Large 17″-27″ (43cm-69cm).  Normally fits dogs 70lbs & over (>32kg)