SRAM Women's Bibs

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There’s something about putting on a uniform, right? A seemingly simple costume befitting the task at hand changes the scope of things completely. Imagine a fighter pilot walking toward the airplane without a flight suit and the requisite aviator shades. The swagger would be slightly less meaningful, wouldn’t it? Or a firefighter in board shorts and flip-flops? Nope, not the same. Tony Martin starting the prologue of the Tour de France dressed like a messenger instead of wearing a skin suit? Not even Tony Martin would ride like Tony Martin in that case.


No one says that you can’t enjoy the ride in the clothes you’re wearing, but a kit seals the deal — reminds you that you are ready to ride.


We’ve designed our newest SRAM kit to help you Open the Road in style. It is stylish and subtle — and, yes, outstanding in its level of comfort.


*Please note in the size chart, all measurements are listed in CM