SRAM Women's Toile Pocket tee

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If you aren’t already familiar with the story of the legend of Sir Stirling Moss, the famous British, Formula One racing driver of the 1950s, please read on. [Otherwise, feel free to skip to the second paragraph.] According to the legend, Sir Stirling had all of his shirt pockets monogrammed with the phrase "you are beautiful" in Mandarin Chinese characters. Apparently, the four-time F1 World Championship runner-up had designs on attracting females with this rather unconventional bilingual approach. Unfortunately for Sir Stirling, few female race goers of the day could read Mandarin, so he was forced to change his pocket embroidery. 


If the legendary driver had been a cyclist, he might’ve instead gone for a more gender-agnostic, and more artistic approach to pocket decoration, like the pocket of our SRAM Toile Pocket Tee.


If the art featured on this tiny canvass don’t instantly evoke some desire to get out on ride, then you might want to get your pulse checked. The Toile Tee is available in men’s and women’s cuts — because body shape is not necessarily gender agnostic — in appropriate sizes for most.


This Tee is not guaranteed to win you a F1 Championship, or the Tour de France, or even get you a date, but it will definitely start a conversation.