The Handy Tee - Women's

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Action is everything. It’s more than a RockShox tagline—it’s a universal truth. And it’s perhaps most easily demonstrated in common hand gestures. Take, for instance, the V-for-Victory (aka the Peace sign). Hold up your hand—palm side forward—with your index and middle fingers pointing upward and spread apart to form a V. That there is your V-for-Victory or Peace gesture. It’s friendly. But turn it around so that your palm is facing your body and you’re basically telling people where to go and what to do—and it isn’t at all friendly.

Gesture with an outstretched pinky finger and thumb and you’re telling people either that you spend a lot of time surfing and your deep, dark, savage tan is real, or that you once watched a movie about surfing and that your tan might be entirely fake. It all depends on how you do it.

And then there’s the “horns” gesture, pictured on this T-shirt. This symbol once indicated that you were in league with nefarious types, and listened to metal music that you wouldn’t dare let your mom catch you playing in your room. Now it is as ubiquitous and harmless as a high-five—but without the germs and the potential for injury or embarrassment if you miss the other person’s hand. Its musical inference these days—if any—has broadened to simply indicate that you appreciate electric guitars.

To do it, hold up your index and pinky finger, and tuck in your thumb as shown on the shirt. To be safe, keep the palm-side forward and do not curl your fingers. The same gesture with your palm-side toward you, and with your fingers actively curling, indicates something bad about the other person’s significant other.

See? Action is everything. And we’ve got you covered. Use this T-shirt as a guide for your next visit to the trailhead or lift line, so that you get your gesture action correct. Or for if you’re too busy patting yourself on the back to hold up your own hand. Either way is good.