Zipp Speed Heritage Trucker

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One or two things will happen when you wear this new Zipp Speed Heritage Trucker: a) you'll remind someone to get out and ride more because, you know, you're riding Zipp and they might be riding an inferior product; b) someone will think you spelled the famous lighter company wrong. Yeah, we have long known that there are better ways to get ready for a Tour de France climb than by lighting up, but some people have fond, stinky memories of grandparents and car rides. But somehow, there really isn't any sound like that of a Zipp wheel in full race mode or one of those iconic lighters getting ready for business. Bottom line: You're a winner and a better human being for wearing this hat; memories car rides and lighter sounds are good but those of bike rides and sweet speed are much better. and c) snap-back hats pretty much fit everyone.